Rustic Weddings

Wayland rustic weddingsVann’s Valley Event Center is a wonderful space for Wayland rustic weddings.  With a rustic shed, tree swings, sky scraping pine trees and more, this is really a dream come true for your wedding.  The natural beauty at Vann’s Valley is sure to impress and create an unforgettable atmosphere for your rustic wedding.

The space we provide offers a wonderful canvas for all of your ideas when it comes to customizing the experience and making it your own.  We love seeing new decorations come to our property and seeing what you can do with this beautiful space.  Vann’s Valley specializes in Wayland rustic weddings and our large natural property comes along with your event.  You and your guests can walk and explore the grounds and trails that run through the property.

Contact Vann's Valley Event Center for Wayland WeddingsFor more info on our Wayland rustic weddings, questions, and booking please call 616-690-8477 or contact us online.

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Wayland rustic weddings at Vann’s Valley Event Center